Terms & Conditions

Attention: Please consult our Terms & Conditions which apply to all payment transactions via fanentertainment.essma-events.eu

General conditions

Article 1: The Seller ESSMA Services NV is registered at the address Tiensesteenweg 168 H 602 – 3800 Sint-Truiden (Belgium) with business registration number 664.650.334 and VAT number BE 0664.650.334.

Article 2: Sales Agreement There is a sales agreement between ESSMA and the Buyer when an order is placed by the Buyer who confirms accepting the general conditions when ordering. The Buyer confirms being in the legal position for ordering online. Visitors of the site or called users. Both parties accept all electronic mail and documents regarding the law of July 9th 2001. A confirmation of an order has the same legacy as a hand signed order.

Article 3: Articles and Prices The services are those services ESSMA offers online for sale on the day the Buyer visits the site. ESSMA takes care of giving a good view of the services by giving detailed descriptions. All prices include VAT. All costs included in the order are announced before payment and are known to the buyer whom agrees by ordering and payment.

Article 4: Confirmation and Payment An order will only be confirmed after ESSMA has sent an electronic confirmation to the email address the Buyer has given. ESSMA retains the right to refuse an order from a Buyer with whom there has been a conflict in the past. An order can be paid online or by bank transfer. In case of online payment an additional handling fee of 4,5% of the total amount is applied. A European bank transfer does include a handling fee of 15 EUR. All online payments are handled by MultiSafepay B.V.. MultiSafepay B.V. is the market leader in Europe for secure online payments. ESSMA has no access to the confidential data of his Buyers.

Article 5: Privacy All personal data disclosed to ESSMA is for internal use by ESSMA. The Buyer and all users have the right to look into their data and to change or delete the data if wanted. The personal data will be used for the administrative handling of the order and the invoice, for the follow-up of payments. No data whatsoever will be given, sold or hired to third parties. ESSMA uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of text stored by a user’s web browser. A cookie can be used for authentication, storing site preferences, shopping cart contents or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data. ESSMA guarantees that cookies will only be used for personalizing his services. All users have the right to reject cookies but in that case the user has no longer the possibility of a personalized service offered by ESSMA.

Article 6: Exceptions / Conflicts The general conditions as stated above are governed by the Belgian court. ESSMA undertakes to follow the Code of Conduct set up by the Belgian Direct Marketing Association. In case of conflicts an amicable settlement should be aimed at before any legal action will be taken. If not so, Hasselt is the only court of jurisdiction.

Article 7: Cancellation Policy In case of name change or to request a refund or cancel an order, please contact the ESSMA Events team via events@essma.eu or call the office at +32 472 63 97 46. Cancellation is possible until 15 days before the start of the event. Cancellations later than this date will not be refunded.

Name: ESSMA Services NV – European Stadium and Safety Management Association
Address: Tiensesteenweg 168 H 602, 3800 Sint-Truiden (Belgium)
Business registration number: 664.650.334
VAT number: BE 0664.650.334
Offices: Tiensesteenweg 168 H 602, 3800 Sint-Truiden (Belgium)